Millions of iPhone Owners Whose Older Devices Slowed Down After Software Updates May Soon Receive a Payday.

A substantial number of iPhone owners, whose older devices experienced decreased performance following software updates, are on the verge of receiving compensation.

Apple is slated to disburse a sum ranging from $310 million to $500 million, encompassing around 3 million users of iPhones released prior to 2018. This financial settlement comes in response to claims filed by impacted users in 2020, concerning an issue commonly referred to as “batterygate.” Attorneys representing the affected customers have conveyed this information.

Mark C. Molumphy, a partner at Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy, one of the law firms handling the lawsuit on behalf of Apple customers, expressed that the settlement signifies the ability to promptly provide monetary restitution to those influenced by the situation.

This resolution emerges following a legal development wherein a judge declined Apple’s appeal to challenge a class-action lawsuit instituted against the technology giant back in 2017. As a result, the path has been cleared for individuals affected by the “software throttling” concern to receive financial settlements, as affirmed by the lawyers of the claimants.

“Software throttling” pertains to software updates released by Apple for earlier models of iPhones with aging batteries of diminished capacity. These updates intentionally slowed down the overall performance of iPhones exhibiting signs of battery degradation. This approach was implemented to prevent these devices from shutting down unexpectedly during instances of high power usage.

Apple has explained that their intention behind performance reduction was not to manipulate users into unnecessary upgrades, which could have been remedied with a mere battery replacement. Instead, the company’s rationale was to extend the operational lifespan of the devices, as stated to the Verge in 2017. Consequently, iPhones would regain their standard speed once the deteriorated battery was swapped for a new one.

Source: @cbsnews