Metro Buses Converted into Mobile Food Markets for Low Income Neighborhoods

Did you know that a few years ago, the city of Toronto (in Ontario, Canada) decided to launch a program that converts old unused metro buses into mobile grocery stores called Mobile Good Food Markets? This is really amazing, right? And ever since, they’ve been traveling across the city area and selling fresh and affordable food. This type of project is extremely useful and beneficial, especially helpful in low income neighborhoods.

Well, you should know that it started out as a collaboration between FoodShare Toronto, the city of Toronto, and United Way Toronto. So, they actually came up with the idea to take an old bus and convert it into what is now a mobile food market. You can get everything on this mobile grocery store, from broccoli and lettuce to apples and onions. This mobile bus store comes to town two times per week. Because the costs involved by the bus have to be taken care of, food prices aren’t much lower than what might be found in a supermarket. Well, the good thing is that all families have the opportunity to purchase higher-quality, nutrient-dense food when the bus visits.

We all know that this is an excellent idea, because the mobile grocery stores address the need for fresh, quality produce in food deserts, neighborhoods where a grocery store is nowhere in sight or too expensive for residents. In their current model of development, some neighborhoods don’t receive adequate transit service or people don’t own cars and the local grocery store is just too expensive or far away. Mobile markets offer a low cost place to buy quality produce while meeting neighbors close to home.

Note: you should know that this type of program is non-profit, but it’s still a great idea of being entrepreneurial in a very creative way! We really hope you enjoyed this article and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Thank You

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