Marijuana Tampons Are Here To Save You From Period Cramps

Many women across the globe are dealing with muscle cramps and intense pain during their periods. But with the new “cannabis vaginal suppositories”, are manufactured by a company known as Foria, and they are designed to relieve the women from these intense and unpleasant symptoms.

The cannabis-bound tampons contain CBD and THC, the two primary dynamic cannabinoid compounds contained in marijuana(10mg CBD/60mg THC) which have the ability to relax the nerves and muscles, soothe pain and stimulate the release of the happy hormone in our brain.

Ladies who have already tried them are claiming that they are extraordinarily effective, yet so as to buy them, one needs to join Foria’s group and relying upon the state you live in, she may need to present an application alongside a doctor’s proposal letter. Furthermore, a pack of four of these tampons costs $44.

As per their official site, where you can discover various remarks by women who have attempted it, this product has been explicitly detailed to give relief from pelvic and menstrual discomfort.

The suppositories Foria Relief deliver the relieving benefits of full-range cannabis legitimately to the zone that needs it most and cause practically no psychoactive impacts. They have additionally been independently-tested for heavy metals, free of pesticides, microbes, their purity, and many other toxins and harmful chemicals.

Is it even possible for our ladies to say a final farewell to the menstrual cramps and pain?


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