Having a pet is something that fascinates us, they fill us with great joy from the first moment they arrive at our home, we are fascinated to feel their company and watch them do their pranks around us.

Many people who have pets, love to have them since these animals give us unparalleled love, they are a tenderness and we love that this is so, we feel very good in the company of our pets.

When we are alone, pets accompany us, they are always our faithful companions in good times or in bad times they are always with us, we like it that way since we feel supported by something.

When we lose our pet it affects us a lot and it is that many say that it hurts too much to lose a pet that for so many years we have been with her and that we have taken care of her and she has been our faithful friend.


It is very likely that at least once in your life you have had a pet, that you have loved it too much, supported you and accompanied you in your worst moments but you must say goodbye to the least expected day.

Many people say that a pet is happiness, they are angels in the form of pets and they always accompany us and love to do it as we also love them to follow us.

Losing a beloved pet hurts too much, much more than people think it hurts, many underestimate the pain that can be felt by losing our dog friend or our cat or any other pet we have ever had.

To verify this, a study carried out in the Department of Psychology of the University of New Mexico in the United States asked many owners how they had felt after the loss of their pet and many said that the pain had been very deep.

Another university but in this case in Hawaii, not only confirmed this fact but also said that the pain after the death of a pet is usually much longer lasting than the pain we feel with the loss of a loved one.

Many today say they have suffered a lot for the loss of their pet and that often that pain does not compare with the loss of a loved one.

What do you think?

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