How Raw Honey Helped Save Her Dad’s Foot

First of all, let me say that this is a real story. In this post we are going to talk about an incredible case that helped save blogger The Nerdy Farm Wife’s dad’s foot. This is her story.

Her dad has been a diabetic since he was 15 years old. Back at that time, he only knew 2 people alive with diabetes and both of them had some serious health problems. One of them had no legs, and the other one was blind. At the time, in 1950’s only one in five people died within 25 years after they were diagnosed with diabetes, one in four had kidney failure and about 90% of them suffered from diabetic retinopathy. This was a bad thing for her dad, she said. But her dad was tough and he kept going. He learned few skills, including custom cabinet making from a set of books and lived a long and active life.

But the real problems started several years ago, she says. Her dad developed a sore on his foot that wouldn’t heal. Her dad used all kinds of antibiotics and medical treatments, but without any results. The sore on his foot grew progressively worse until he ended up having two toes on that foot amputated. So, after the surgery her dad had a team of professional wound care doctors and he was able to continue with his normal high energy activities. But, the sore was back last year, she says. Her dad developed a sore on the same foot, just like the one that caused him to lose those two toes. He was taking antibiotics and going under the same medical treatments, but without any luck. It looked like he would need to be referred to a surgeon again, she says.

But, here is the good side of the story. Fortunately, one day a friend told her dad about their experience with treating a bad wound with raw honey. And she says that at that point, her dad was willing to try most anything, just to get rid of that horrible sore on his foot. Her dad asked her about advice. The blogger looked for answers online and finally found them. She printed the case study which she found online and brought the papers to her dad. She also brought a jar of homemade raw honey from her father-in-law’s beehives. Her dad started with the honey treatment that very moment.

We will post the before and after pictures of her dad’s sore. On the before picture, the sore looked like that for almost eight months, without any improvements. And the after picture is only 8 week after applying honey. The black part on the after picture is where the doctor drew a circle around the sore each visit. He did that to track the sore’s changes in growth, she says.

The doctor declared that his foot was healed, just after few weeks after the second picture, she says. Unfortunately, this story doesn’t have a happy ending here. After the last visit to the doctor’s office, her dad spent an entire day on his tractor and created a new sore. So they had to go to another specialist. He told her dad that he had a bone in his foot that would keep creating a sore in the same place when a lot of pressure was placed on it and he needed to operate the sore. But, her dad declined that option.

Instead of the regular honey, her dad tried some expensive manuka honey on the new sore, but without any results. The manuka honey actually made it worse. So he tried medical treatments and antibiotics again, but that didn’t work as well. So, he circled back to the local raw honey. And then, something terrible happened. Her dad fell and broke his hip opening up more serious problems. The good news is that today her dad is doing all right. His foot is completely healed again and hip is much better.

On her blog “thenerdyfarmfife”, she also mentions that is extremely important for you to consult with your doctor and get his approval before you use any kind of homemade remedies, including this one. So, if you have a diabetic ulcer or sore, you should definitely be under the care of medical professionals. Here is her dad’s honey treatment for diabetic sores:

Raw Honey Treatment for Diabetic Sores

You should do this treatment twice a day, around 10 a.m. and around 8 p.m. Here is what you should do:

  • rub area with a disposable alcohol wipe
  • using individual cotton swabs, gently rub a thin layer of honey over the sore
  • cotton swabs should only be used once then discarded, no double dipping
  • wrap gauze around the foot, covering the sore
  • use first aid tape over the gauze to hold it in place
  • keep everything clean, clean, and clean!
  • after taking off an old bandage, let the foot air out for about an hour before putting on a new one

She also mentions that her dad had a custom shoe that keeps pressure off of his foot, even when he is walking. You should keep your foot propped up as often as possible, she says. You will get the best results like that. You can use raw honey for healing many types of slow-to-heal wounds, such as bed sore. And, we will says this again – If you have a diabetic sore or ulcer, make sure you consult with your doctor before you use any homemade remedy.

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