Amazing 1930’s Pharmacist Map Of ‘Herbal Cures’ Released To Public

A list of natural medicine from all parts of America which was used before the appearance of big pharmaceutical companies.

This amazing map dating from 1932 was just released for the public. Here you can see all kinds of herbs from all parts from the American continent. In fact, these herbs were once use by our ancestors for natural remedies for all kinds of diseases and problems. Even the map itself states “The service of pharmacy”.


It is very important for the public to know that these herbs play great role in the pharmaceutical industry. Almost 70% of all medicine is made from herbs and the pharmacists are required to have great knowledge about herbs, medicine and combining these two. The profession doctor is widely respected because these people invest their lifetime in learning the diseases and finding ways how to cure the patients.

If we look not that far in the past we can see that the medical system was based on patented chemicals and the biologists, doctors and scientists were still researching the benefits from herbs, plants etc. However, today everything has changed. The drugs we use are entirely natural and even the FDA came up with a new definition for a drug. According to FDA, a drug for the treatment of some disease must be natural and made from natural substances. This map is very important because it will show to people that many diseases may be treated with natural substances without the risk of toxins or any side effects. This is why it is very necessary to share this map and help people who face some illness.

Cannabis sativa plant

Note: On this list you will find and the Cannabis Sativa, the much neglected and despised herb. In modern time where we live this herb is used for pleasure and is on the list of forbidden plants. Even the fight for medicine cannabis is put aside for long time because of the fear that somebody may abuse it.

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