Lizzo Speaks Out Against Being the Continuous Target of Jokes. She Said: ‘I QUIT’

Pop sensation and rapper Lizzo hinted on Friday night that she might be considering stepping back from either her music career or social media due to the constant ridicule she faces regarding her weight.

“In an Instagram post, she expressed, “I’m getting tired of putting up with being dragged by everyone in my life and on the internet.”


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“All I want is to make music and make people happy and help the world be a little better than how I found it,” she continued. “But I’m starting to feel like the world doesn’t want me in it. I’m constantly up against lies being told about me for clout & views… being the butt of the joke every single time because of how I look… my character being picked apart by people who don’t know me and disrespecting my name I didn’t sign up for this s**t.”

She concluded her post with the stark statement: “I QUIT.”

Last summer, Lizzo hinted that she was contemplating quitting music due to the same issue.

“I HATE IT HERE,” she posted on X. “Y’all don’t know how close I be to giving up on everyone and quitting and enjoying my money and my man on a F***ING FARM.”

“Y’all really need to touch grass… I’m not trying to BE fat. I’m not trying to BE smaller,” she said. “I’m literally just trying to live and be healthy. This is what my body looks like even when I’m eating super clean and working out!”

“ALSO: to the people who haven’t had an original thought or fresh air in years… BEING FAT ISN’T MY ‘BRAND’,” she continued. “BEING FAT IS WHAT MY BODY LOOKS THAT. THAT’S IT. THATS ALL.”