Here Is What Happens If You Wake Up at 5:30 am Every Day

“The miracle morning”, a bestseller by Hal Elrod, suggests that waking up at 5:30 every morning is the path for becoming the person we want to be. This is some kind of routine we need to follow in order to achieve everything what we want in life. Well, we decided to put this book on a test and for a week follow the instructions which were given. Elizabeth, our volunteer, is trying it out and here is her diary for one regular day according to the book.

Meditation to de-stress:

The day always started with meditation session. This is not the kind of relaxing meditation but more to wake up, feel alive and prepare for the following day. You sit on the sofa of chair with your shoulders straight and keep your eyes wide open. According to the book this meditation is the secret of successful day because it cuts the stress which destroys you.

Take stock of its objectives:

After the session, the book advises you to write down all your thoughts. At 5:45, I take my notebook and sit down to write everything that comes to my mind. First, I write the things I am grateful for, the things I want and need in my life, the way I want to improve my personality and lifestyle and so on. The book advises you to write also what is worrying you, what is the person you want to become, how much money you want to earn, where you want to be in the next 5 years, write down about your loved ones and so on. Basically empty your mind from everything which doesn’t let you sleep at night or takes your energy during the day.

Give yourself time for yourself:

At 6 o’clock according to the book you need to do exercises. I combined some cardio and muscle exercises because I don’t like jogging. This is very important because it stimulates the biological clock and all the processes in your body so your organism can work properly during the day. Then at 7:30 I read. The book advises to focus on self-development and read everything that will make you better person or help you in your career. I read newspapers and novels because I am interested in that. What surprised me was that I was very concentrated at this period of the day and could remember more information then my usual mornings.

Conclusion: a good morning but not miraculous:

At 8 am you are ready for the day. Now is time for breakfast and according to the book you are supposed to eat healthy breakfast which will give you energy for all of your activities during the day. I combined pancakes and fruit with a cup of coffee.

After a week of this experiment I felt exhausted. In the evenings all I wanted to do is go home and sleep. I had more energy during the day but the evenings were pure torture for me. I had improvements in the way I think and act during the day and I experienced less stress but I was constantly tired. I admit that this book is great for improving your life and the way you think but it should be followed exactly. All you need to do is wake up 1 hour and 30 min before leaving your home and you will have plenty of time for everything.


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