10 Dangerous Habits We Do Before Going To Bed That Are Destroying Our Health!

Sleeping is a process that recharges our body which is why it’s very important to get proper overnight rest. This is why you need to have a sound sleep and not be a slave to any habits before going to bed that might be destroying your health. Here’s what you should avoid doing before sleep:

  1. Drinking water

Water is essential for the proper functioning of the body, but drinking it before you go to bed will only make you get up to pee overnight and disrupt your sleep.

  1. Don’t take mid-day naps

Some people can’t continue without a short nap in the afternoon, but this habit will disrupt your sleeping cycle which and result in numerous health problems.

  1. Avoid using electronic devices before going to bed


Using bright screens before sleep can go on for hours and rid you of proper sleeping time. Avoid using your laptop or smartphone before going to bed in order get some rest.

  1. Plan your meals

Experts recommend eating dinner at least 3-4 hours before going to bed in order to sleep normally.

  1. Take a pre-sleeping routine

Set a pre-sleeping routine and stick to it to get proper rest overnight. You can start with a shower and brushing your teeth right before going to bed to adjust your body to a routine that will tell it when it’s time to go to bed.

  1. Pick a favorite sleeping position

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Everyone prefers sleeping in a different position, so pick your favorite in order to get proper rest. Experts recommend sleeping on the back or on the side, but never on the stomach.

  1. Workout before going to bed

Physical exercise before going to bed is a great way of tiring your body and letting it know that it’s time for rest.

  1. Cold feet

You won’t fall to sleep quickly if your feet are cold, so put on a pair of socks to sleep better.

  1. A high-quality mattress


Sleeping on a cheap mattress will not save you money, it will only leave you without energy and rest. Spend some money on a high-quality mattress to improve your sleep and get proper rest.

  1. Avoid drinking coffee before going to bed

Coffee is rich in caffeine, a substance that can keep you awake. Avoid drinking coffee for at least 4 hours before going to bed to slow down your metabolism and get some rest.

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