Here Is What Happens If You Drink 500 ml Water 12 Weeks In a Row Before Every Meal


Can water be your ally in the fight with extra weight?

According to a research conducted in United Kingdom, if you drink 500 ml water before every meal you will lose weight.

84 obese adults took part in a research which lasted for 12 weeks. Everyone was advised how to balance his/hers diet, what to eat and how to increase the physical activity.

After that they have been separated in two groups – 41 of them were told to drink half liter water before main meals and 43 people were supposed to act as they were full before every meal.

Those who drank water before every meal lost 1.3 kg more than those who pretended to be full. As well, all of the examinees who drank water in total have lost more kg than the opposite group.

For 12 weeks they lost around 4.3 kg, says Daily Mail.

If you drink only half liter water before the main meals, three times a day you can lose weight. When you take into consideration that you do this during the whole year, you will lose a lot of kg – says Dr. Helen Pareti who took part in the research.

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