If You Thought Sugar Was The Unhealthiest Food That You Consume, You Were Wrong.It Is Soybean Oil.

The Magazine Plus One Published A Research That Named Soybean Oil As The Unhealthiest Food.

The researchers fed mice with food that contained 40 percent fat. One group of mice received saturated fat from coconut oil, while another group of animals was mainly fed with unsaturated fats from soybean seed. The mice were also given two versions of foods rich in fat with added fructose.


The ones that ate the soybean oil gained the most weight, 9% more than the mice that ate the greasy food with fructose, and even 25% more than those that ate the fat from coconut oil.

The mice that ate the soybean oil had a fatty liver, and had developed a bigger resistance to insulin, two conditions that cause diabetes and metabolic syndrome. This is a surprising discovery since unsaturated fatty acids, such as those from soybean oil, are generally considered healthy.

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