Disease Carried by Human Corpses and Flies: Flesh Eating Skin Disease Spreads in Syria (Video)


They can blame the ISIS terrorist members for the appearing of this deadly disease.  Besides the war and the political conflict which stroke Syria for the last few years, Syrian people are dealing now with another dangerous threat. The collapse of medical services in terrorist-controlled parts of Syria has caused the spread of a flesh-eating virus transmitted by parasites munching on corpses dumped in the streets. Some as a result of abominable acts by ISIS that included the killing of innocent people and dumping their corpses in streets, this is the leading factor behind the rapid spread of Leishmaniasis disease.

Kurdish fighters in Syria claimed the disease, spread by sand flies influence and atrocities spread across Syria. Leishmaniasis, which is rarely deadly but leads to disfiguring lesions on the skin, was particularly bad in war-torn parts of Syria, one unnamed militant told the publication. The phlebotomize sand flies, just a third of the size of a mosquito, spread the potentially deadly bacteria. In addition to large open wounds, Leishmaniasis can also affect internal organs such as the liver, spleen, and bone marrow. This form of the disease, known as visceral Leishmaniasis, is usually deadly, but the cutaneous form of the disease is more common in Syria. Survivors are typically left with disfiguring scars.

It is very possible in the area where there is a lot of military activity and population movement, those are circumstances in which an outbreak of the leishmaniasis can occur, Dr. William Schaffner explained. He also says that if someone dies who gets the infections then flies come. Then they multiply. You get many more flies that are infected. And then when the living people are in the same area the flies bite the living people.

Actually, the disease is curable and it can be prevented. Its appearance reminds us of the historical wars and the plaque appearance. It’s the same thing today. In terrorist-controlled areas in Syria, where medical personal and medical means can’t reach, the Leishmaniasis disease is spreading really fast.

According to the World Health Organization, 50,000 people died in just one year and more than 13 million Syrians are in need of humanitarian assistance.

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