6 Extremely Efficient Remedies That Will Remove Underarm Odor Forever

No one would ever like to have sweaty underarms with strong and bad odor. Intake of caffeinated beverages, consumption of certain drugs, eating spicy food, wearing tight clothes, dehydration, stress and tension, alcohol consumption, poor diet, hormonal changes, puberty, hot weather, strenuous exercises, etc., are the reasons that lead to this awkward condition. Deodorants are temporary solutions for this problem. Several home remedies are available to get rid of underarm odor.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is very effective against armpit smell. Its anti-bacterial properties ward off the harmful bacteria. All you need to do is add two drops of tea tree oil in one cup of water. Fill it in a spray bottle after mixing well. Use it as a regular deodorant to prevent odor. You can also apply tea tree oil directly in your armpits.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

Apple cider vinegar is considered as a wonder remedy. It is one of the best replacements for deodorant. The anti-bacterial properties fight off against the bacterial growth. Pour some apple cider vinegar in a bowl. Dip a cotton ball in it and wipe your underarms. This will reduce the pH of the skin, thereby eradicate the armpit odor. Or you can make a spray by filling water and apple cider vinegar equally in a spray bottle. Or else, rinse your underarms with ACV while bathing.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is an effective remedy to cure underarm odor. Mix one tablespoon of baking soda with one tablespoon of lemon juice. Mix well and apply it on the armpits. Let it rest for some time. Rinse off with clean water. Another option is to mix a little amount of cornstarch with baking soda and apply it under your arms to absorb excess sweat. Or else, prepare baking soda paste by adding a little water to it. Apply it under armpits after shower. To get pleasant fragrance, add a few drops of tea tree oil.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Underarm odor is very embarrassing and should be treated immediately to prevent further infection. To do away with dirty smell of armpits, hydrogen peroxide is an effective remedy. Prepare a solution by adding one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide in a cup of water. Stir the solution well. Now, take a clean washcloth and dip it in this solution. Apply it under your arms for some time. This will help kill the bacteria, creating odor. Or else, you can directly rub hydrogen peroxide under your arms to prevent dirty odor.


The acidic properties of lime help kill smell creating bacteria. Lime is also known for changing the pH levels of the skin. Slice a lime and rub it gently on your armpits. Or else, squeeze out some juice from 1-2 fresh limes. Apply it directly under your arms to remove bad smell and darkness. Alternatively, pour some lime juice on a clean towel and rub it gently on your armpits after taking bath. Add some lime juice in a cup of water. Use it as a natural spray or deodorant under your arms.

Natural Soaps

Washing the whole body, including the armpit with natural soap can help you eliminate the underarm odor. In case you don’t want to make your own soup (castile soap) look for handmade soup from goat`s milk.

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