It’s His Best Friend In The Whole World: The Dog Refused To Let Him Go Into Surgery Alone!

The 9-year-old James Isaac had a hard life in the last few years. James is autistic and he has suffered some strong and severe attacks, which are really difficult to prevent and treat. Recently, James had to go back to the MRI to get a full diagnose for his health condition, and just like any other 9-year-old, he was really scared. But, fortunately, he had his dog Mahe with him all the time.

Mahe is a black Labrador, who was brought in James’s family as a service dog for the boy. Mahe’s job was to make James feel safe and calm – even when he was going under medical or surgical procedures. James’s family took a few photos of Mahe recently when he was with James in the hospital. These pictures are so beautiful that will melt your heart and they will make you cry. Just because it’s service and medicinal dog, it’s allowed to be with James in the hospital.

Mahe has done everything to make the boy feel safe, secure and calm – throughout the entire medical treatment. Mahe refused to leave the boy, even lay with him in the hospital bed.

He even watched him closely while James was receiving anesthesia.


James’s parents say that James’s life was changed and improved significantly, since Mahe came in their lives 2 years ago. Mahe is a trained dog for this types of health conditions. He can even notice when something is wrong with the kid and notice the warning signs before the attack occurs. So, Mahe can bark and alert the parents of the kid.


This brave little boy is so happy to have such a loyal friend next to him, a friend like Mahe. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share this amazing story with your friends and family.

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