Terrifying How Coca-Cola Affects Your Body !

Have you ever wondered exactly what Coca-Cola do to your body after consumption? Sugary drinks are considered a major contributor to health conditions such as obesity, type 2 diabetes and tooth decay. British pharmacist Niraj Naik has created an infographic that explains what happens to the body within an hour of drinking a can of … Read more

Maggi Instant Noodles Were Taken Off The Shelves!

Maggi sales have plunged in India since laboratory tests showed the noodles contained lead at levels far higher than the legal maximum. The tests also detected the chemical flavour enhancer monosodium glutamate, or MSG, which is not mentioned in the product’s list of ingredients. India’s food safety regulator banned the brand from sale over these tests that … Read more

The Amazing Powers Of Baby Powder!

  One package of baby powder won’t make a difference in your budget. But you will be amazed to discover what it can do. Here are 15 things this powder will put in order! It cools the sheets Sprinkle some baby powder on your sheets in the hot summer nights. They will smell nice, and … Read more

Dr. Hulda Clark – A Revolutionary Doctor Who Cured Over 20 000 People From Cancer .Discover How!

The American doctor Hulda Regehr Clark came to important discoveries in the second part of the last century, which set a new direction in the development of medicine. Dr. Clark (1928-2009) was physiologist, biophysicist, naturopath and author of eight books on alternative medicine, including six on the subject of cancer. She graduated at the Canadian … Read more

Be Aware Of These 7 Biggest Brain Damaging Habits

We should be training our brain as much as we can. Avoid Brain Damaging Habits which actually harm you. 7 Biggest Brain Damaging Habits You Must Be Aware Of  No Breakfast Being on a diet or to save time, many people choose to skip breakfast, and in the process they damage their brain. After your sleep, … Read more

Your Kitchen Sponge Has More Bacteria That You Thought

60% of kitchen sponges and rags contain living bacteria similar to E. coli. More than 85 % of people don’t wash their kitchen sponges at a high enough temperature to kill harmful bacteria, according to experts from the British Council Global Hygiene. According to their research, sponges and rags contain six times more bacteria than … Read more

Do Not Throw Away The Peel Of Pomegranate. It Is A Powerful Remedy

Can you believe that this drink can heal stomach ulcers in 7 days, and intestinal inflammation, diarrhea, and salmonella in 5 hours? This is due to the content of the drink – pomegranate peel. Just dry it and keep it in your home pharmacy. In December 1999, a Russian newspaper published the article “The Forgotten … Read more

Test Your Health in 60 Seconds

You need so little time to find out the state of your health. With the help of these six short tests you can spot the messages that your body is sending to you so you can go to the doctor to treat a possible health problem. * Check the color of the sclera, because it can help … Read more