These 4 Herbs Will Protect Your Brain From Alzheimer’s Disease, Depression, Anxiety And More!

Depression, anxiety and Alzheimer’s disease are difficult diseases that affect the brain and cause progressive and irreparable neurological problems which can decrease your mental functions. In the final stages, these diseases can cause a change in your personality and behavior. There are many conventional treatments for these problem which often don’t work, but you should know that there are natural remedies which can calm down your nervous system and manage your stress levels before they do damage.

The following 4 herbs have been scientifically proven to treat anxiety, depression and Alzheimer’s disease effectively:

Ginkgo Biloba

This herb has been used for its medicinal properties for quite some time. It contains rare antioxidants known as terpenoids which can prevent organ damage and improve your heart health. Ginkgo can improve your circulation and memory and is highly recommended for patient suffering from dementia. The herb can improve the flow of oxygen to the brain and nourish the nerve cells affected by the condition. A gingko biloba supplement can have the same effect as conventional medications have on Alzheimer’s disease, while ginkgo extract has been known to reduce anxiety disorders. The herb can also improve your vision and prevent the development of age-related macular degeneration.


Rosemary has incredible effects on the memory and has been used to improve focus for centuries. A study conducted at the North Umbria University examined the effects of rosemary oil and 2 other types of oils on 60 participants and the results were incredible. The subjects exposed to rosemary essential oil had dramatically reduced their stress levels, and had lower free radical damage in their bodies. They also had lower levels of inflammation and were generally feeling much better than the other groups. Add some rosemary in your meals every day, or take a cup of rosemary tea to enjoy the herb’s full benefits.

Panax ginseng

Ginseng has powerful brain-boosting properties which can reduce inflammation and improve your mood. Panax ginseng is an Asian species of ginseng which is considered the most beneficial. Daily use of panax ginseng supplement for 3 months in Alzheimer patients can boost their cognitive function, and the herb has also been used as a natural remedy against ADHD and ADD.

Mint leaves

Mint is a herb with numerous health benefits – it can soothe an upset stomach, treat bad breath and improve your overall health. Mint leaves can be chewed or consumed in the form of tea. According to a study which examined the effects of mint leaves on brain function, they can improve reasoning, problem-solving skills and memory capacity, while improving the overall brain function as well. Inhaling the scent of the herb can reduce anxiety, soothe your mind and reduce fatigue, while also raising the levels of oxygen in your blood and regulating your blood pressure.

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