The Point Of Happiness On Our Body: Neutralizes Negative Energy and Strengthens the Immune System

In our body there is an organ about which very little is known and it has all the right to be called “happiness point”. It is not necessary to look very long for it because that is the thymus gland.

It is located in the upper part of the chest. It is very simply to find her: all you need to do is to put together two fingers on the hole on the front lover part of your neck, right above the breastbone. This will be the approximate place of the thymus.

Thymus is also called and “happiness point”. This gland helps in neutralization of negative energy, strengthens the immune system and improves the whole well being of the organism.


How to activate this “happiness point”?

Pattering, pampering and massage of this point are very effective methods that can help in increasing the energetic vibrations in your body on a higher level.

This gland keeps the energy in our body. Therefore, when there is a misbalance in our energetic system this gland may help. It is a bridge between the brain and the body. During stressful periods this gland gets smaller which leads to decrease of our life energy.

Also, you may stimulate this gland and with your fist – just like Tarzan (just be careful to hit very gently). You may pat or pamper this gland with your fingers or massage it. Do it for approximately 20 – 30 seconds and take a deep breath in the same time. Of course, you may pronounce and some positive mantra in the same time.

You will know when your “happiness point” activates – you will feel shivers in your body and you will be happy and cheerful. Sometimes the thymus needs some time to be activated and some time for you to start feeling something. Do this exercise every day and for sure you will feel its effects.

If you have panic attacks, anxiety, stress – do this exercise for several times during the day and you will be able to return your life balance.

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