8 simple exercises to get rid of saddlebags

Getting fit is never an easy task. What is more, in order to deal with the problem you have to locate it and find suitable ways to fix it. While many women try to get rid of cellulite, they tend to leave out something as important as saddlebags.

What is a saddlebag? In case you do not know – it is the excess fat gathered around your hips and thighs. The best way to figure out whether you have something like that is to look at your hips and thighs from behind. Focus your look at the areas just below your butt cheeks, if there is some fat or protruding skin noticeable – these are not your lovely curves, these are saddlebags.

Before you start to worry, we are going to reassure you – there is a way out if you have found saddlebags on your body. There are at least eight effective exercises that will help you deal with the issue like nothing else. However, you have to be prepared to work hard since the area we are talking about is not the easiest to deal with. What is more, it is more likely than not that; you will have to reconsider your diet. Once you are done with these changes, you will be on your way to get rid of the saddlebags in the shortest period of time possible. Make sure that you are working hard but try not to take it over the edge from the beginning, and everything will fit into its places.

#1. Squat

#2. Squats with Kickbacks

#3. Step Up

#4. Curtsy Squats

#5. Squat with Knee Left

#6. Leg Swing

#7. Leg Circles

#8. Fire Hydrant

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