50-Year-Old Man Cures Lung Cancer With Cannabis Oil, Stuns CBS News

This 50-year old man claims that the combo of cannabis oil and chemotherapy cured his incurable lung cancer. Now this man wants to share this cancer fighting recipe with you and help others heal their lives.

Did you know that the survival rate of lung cancer is incredibly harsh? Well, it’s estimated that the prognosis for stage IA non-small cell lung cancer is less than 50%. Unfortunately, this number drops as the cancer progresses, which means that for a stage IV patient with lung cancer, the chances of recovery are less than 1%.

Darren Miller knew that the odds were against him, but still, he decided to supplement his own chemotherapy treatment with cannabis oil. Darren didn’t just want to extend his life – he wanted to save his life. So, after researching the benefits of cannabis oil and reading hundreds of other peoples’ personal stories of healing, he was confident that this is the best treatment for his terrible lung disease.

His wife quit her job so they could qualify for medical assistance. So, they moved to California where Darren could supplement with the controversial treatment legally. And now, 7 months later, he is officially cancer-free and has the hospital documents to prove it. Darren said that now he is completely cancer-free, that he has cure his deadly lung cancer. And when they asked him, what is responsible for that – he said both, chemotherapy and cannabis oil, because he used both and they helped him to defeat this terrible disease.

He defeated lung cancer and then he and his wife moved back to Illinois. Darren Miller now runs a “compassionate cannabis” program to help others who are struggling like he was. He said the they were making small amounts to keep it around and to educate others on how to do this. And if anyone of you has the access to any kind of cannabis, he can give you the links on his website to show you how to go this in your own kitchen and save your life.

You should know that Darren is not the only or the first person to have benefited from cannabis oil, and he won’t be the last, for sure. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share with your friends and family.