7 Year Old Body Died After Eating Spaghetti Serving

A 7 year old schoolboy, Cameron Wahid, who suffered from a dairy allergy has died during a family holiday to Italy after going into anaphylactic shock after eating spaghetti for lunch.


Cameron Wahid from East Grinstead in Sussex was hospitalized after eating home-made pasta in a restaurant in Scala on the Amalfi coast. After the meal, Cameron had difficulty breathing then went into anaphylactic shock. The school boy then suffered a cardiac arrest in the town square. Cameron’s mother allegedly told the restaurant that the boy had some allergies but it is not clear whether she was detailed in her explanation or whether the restaurant understood.

Cameron was taken to a nearby hospital but as his condition continued to get worse so he was then airlifted by helicopter to the larger children’s hospital Santo Bono in Naples. He did not recover and died on Friday.

Cassandra and Rizvan Wahid, Cameron’s parents, shared this story with the public, so they can warn the other parents to be very careful about the dangers of allergies.


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