Breaking News: Venezuela banned GMOs and prohibits the patenting of seeds


The country has recently adopted a law which prohibits the production, distribution and import of genetically modified  (GM) seeds.

The victory is being celebrated across the world, with anti-GMO proponents viewing this as just one more sign that activist efforts’ are working.

GM Watch reports that the law has taken years of collective grassroots effort to construct and has been through a public consultation.

The new law proposes the creation of a national seed institution, which will control the seed supply in order to prevent, identify, and punish violators of the GMO ban. In addition, the institution will protect peasant seed, which has been part of the peoples’ culture for generations, and which is the product of natural cross-breeding.

Way to go, Venezuela! 

Thankfully, the nation isn’t alone in its efforts to overcome the biotech industry. Earlier this month, President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia will become the world’s leading exporter of non-GMO foods. Big changes are happening, to say at last!



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