Shaving And Waxing Your Body Hair Leads To Transfer of Dangerous Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Removing the body hair has become a normal thing in modern society because the body hair is considered to look bad. Almost every women does it and some men, but less known fact is that removing the body hair may lead to serious diseases that damage the health.

A study, published in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology, shows that women who remove their body hair are exposed to greater risk of developing a serious health problem especially sexually transmitted diseases. This study also shows that 87% of the women population removes all of their body hair and almost 90% of this population uses razor for this purpose.

Shaving with razor is the worst thing what women can do especially in the genital area. The small injuries or cuts lead to ingrown hair, irritations, pain, inflammation etc. When done in hurry shaving can be very painful and bad experience because it damages the skin and doesn’t leave enough time for the skin to heal.

The genital area is very sensitive and it has sweat glands which make it the perfect place for bacteria to develop and grow. This bacteria will later transfer into something more serious. The minor injuries on the skin also contribute to creation of bacteria.

For sexually transmitted diseases such as HPV the damaged skin and the moist environment are perfect place. Body hair is very important for prevention of this kind of diseases. It takes the bacteria and stops its spreading and it makes it harder for it to get into the body and cause damage and infection. So next time when you decide to remove your body hair, especially in the genital area think twice.

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