A New Bill Introduced to the Russian Parliament: GMO Producers Should Be Punished as Terrorists!

Hey guys, how are you today? Have you heard the latest news? A draft law submitted to the Russian parliament seeks to impose punishment up to criminal prosecution to producers of genetically-modified organisms harmful to health or the environment.The draft legislation submitted on Wednesday amends Russia’s law regulating GMOs and some other laws and provides for disciplinary action against individuals and firms, which produce or distribute harmful biotech products and government officials who fail to properly control them.

A criminal case may be launched against a company involved in introducing unsafe GMOs into Russia. Sponsors of the bill say that the punishment for such deeds should be comparable to the punishment allotted to terrorists, if the perpetrators act knowingly and hurt many people.

The experts say that when a terrorist act is committed, only several people are usually hurt. But GMOs may hurt dozens and hundreds. The consequences are much worse. And punishment should be proportionate to the crime. Russian criminal code allows for a punishment starting with 15 years in jail and up to a life sentence for terrorism.

You should also know that the Russian government opposes imports of GMO food, saying the country has enough farmlands to provide enough regular food to feed itself.But the new draft legislation, even if adopted, would be difficult to enforce in practice. Proving a direct link between certain GMOs and health or environmental problems could be difficult, considering that harmful effects, if they manifest, may take years to become apparent. Just take a look at the video below and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family. Thank You.



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