What Your Teeth Say about Your Personality

  1. Oval teeth

Let’s start with the oval shape. People who have this type of teeth shape are very artistic people and everything about them says the same. After you see them, you’ll need just 2 minutes to notice their artistic side. It doesn’t matter if it’s their hair, or clothes, or accessories or even their personality – everything about them points about their artistic side. Also, people with oval teeth tend to be more shy and quite. That’s the main reason they represent themselves through some kind of art.


  1. Triangle teeth

If you are flaunting triangle-shaped teeth, you have a dynamic personality. People who have triangle teeth shape also have more fun than others. They keep in mind that the small things in life are the best things and they enjoy life no matter what. Actually, people with triangle shaped teeth don’t care about anything and have that special carefree look on life; they just live for the moment. The world never stops with them. Other important thing about people with triangle-shaped teeth is they are very optimistic about everything in life, compared to the other people around the world.



  1. Square teeth

If your teeth tend to be more square shaped, you may be a calm person. You can control your emotions and you are a typically objective person. People with square shaped teeth have other qualities as well. They are very calm and always listen to all of the sides. This is why they are the best friends and they can be judges, as well. They are the best company and you feel good with these people, because they are very calm



  1. Rectangular teeth

People with rectangle-shaped teeth are energetic and a strong decision maker. They are solution-oriented, practical and good at planning. They also come up with the best ideas. This is probably because they are very oriented and know where to search for something they need and how to get what they want and what they need. That applies for both personal life and work. As we mentioned, people with rectangle shaped teeth are very good in their work – they really know how to plan well.