New Research Says Wine Before Bed Makes You Lose Weight

If you are a fan of wine, good news, we just found another reason for you to love it even more! Tasty and flavorful, wine has become one of the most popular choices of alcohol today. As it turns out, wine is not just your regular alcoholic beverage, but offers a handful of health benefits, too. According to research in the field, wine is particularly beneficial for weight loss, among other qualities.

Below, let’s discuss the various benefits of wine, and the reasons studies encourage you to consume it.

How is Wine Beneficial to Your Health?

In plenty of ways, actually! Wine is one of the beverages most enriched in antioxidants, which prevent a series of potential illnesses. At the same time, wine affects your immunity in a perfect way and flushes the body from any sort of toxin build-up. In addition, wine shows a great success in strengthening the bones and preventing strokes at the same time. With that, wine makes a great ally in the fight against cardiovascular issues of all sorts.

Recently, wine has been labeled as a great agent in the weight loss process, too. That said, research confirmed that the best way to lose weight is by drinking a glass of wine every night before bed. As per studies conducted at the Washington State University and Harvard, wine has a satisfying chemical structure which helps consumers drop excess weight faster. To be more specific, wine contains a chemical known as resveratrol, powerful enough to dissolve fats and prevent them from attaching to organ tissues.

As a chemical, resveratrol is found in the thin grape skin, typically used to produce wine. To make matters official, the Mayo Clinic did plenty of research on resveratrol. What they found was that this chemical is more often found in red wine, as red grapes need a longer fermentation period, compared to white grapes.

Further research at the Mayo Clinic assures that, due to its richness in resveratrol, red wine can also:

  • Prevent blood vessel damage.
  • Prevent blood clotting by reducing the levels of lipoprotein cholesterol, or LDL.
  • Lowers the chances for suffering an inflammation and heart problems.
  • Controls the level of fat that enters your body. Namely, resveratrol is able to prevent the body from absorbing more fat by 70%. Acquire best result by drinking two wine glasses daily.
  • Controls the hunger and keeps you away from unhealthy cravings, especially late at night.

Presently, many other studies have confirmed the effects wine, and especially red wine has on weight loss. A study by the University of Denmark explains how wine introduces weight loss in the waistline first. Furthermore, the study states that participants who had wine daily had a tinier waist, unlike participants who didn’t consume wine as often.

Finally, studies and research both conclude that wine can manage the calorie intake in your body, thus controlling your appetite by suppressing cravings. Shortly put, drinking wine you will help you stay healthy, in shape, and of course, in good spirits!


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