USDA Approves ‘Cell-Cultivated Meat’ Produced by a Bill Gates-Backed Company

Bill Gates may be overjoyed to find that the company he invested in was one of two permitted by the USDA to produce ‘cell-cultivated beef.’ Bill Gates invested in UPSIDE Foods in the aim of developing lab-grown meat that Gates had suggested could be’very excellent’ one day. The other company is Good Meat, however they are not known to be associated with Bill Gates at this time. Both companies use comparable, yet distinct, techniques of generating lab-cultivated meats, and foodies throughout the country are divided on the concept of ‘lab meat,’ as some refer to it.

Both firms are developing methods to nurture chicken meat, and they have now been approved by the US government and should be able to sell their products across the country. After years of testing and study on the concept of lab meat, it is still unknown if the goods will be a success or a flop. Many people are hailing this as a historic occasion, while many others think eating meat made in a lab is a bad idea. Cell-cultivated meats will undoubtedly elicit strong feelings from a wide range of people.

Billionaire Bill Gates isn’t the only celebrity who has invested in companies like UPSIDE Foods. Other high-profile investors included Richard Branson and John Mackey (founder of Whole Foods). If lab meat has a future, these guys want a cut of the revenues. Rich and famous people frequently invest in firms that do strange things, but activists appear to be interested in lab meat notions as well. Some advocates believe lab-grown meat could aid in the fight against global warming, hunger, and the amount of maltreatment that animals endure before being prepared for the shop. At the same time, it’s unclear whether lab meats will have any long-term impact on social or activist issues.

Bill Gates-backed UPSIDE Foods plans to offer “real chicken meat” created from “animal cells in bioreactors,” according to an ABC News story. The debate now is whether lab-made meat is still chicken if it is created from ‘animal cells’ that aren’t from chickens. The scientists may need to explain the complexities in detail. However, if it tastes like chicken…

Where can you get lab-grown meat? According to ABC News, Bar Crenn, a San Francisco restaurant, will offer the ‘novel protein’ to clients who are interested. San Francisco appears to be an ideal location for selling lab-grown beef. If tourists are fortunate, they will be able to consume lab-grown meat while witnessing homeless people crap on the sidewalks of Greasy Gavin Newsom’s famed California.

California has fallen by the wayside under Democratic administration, and comedian Dave Chappelle was quick to point it out. Dave Chappelle mentioned San Francisco, where cell-cultivated beef will be served at Bar Crenn, saying:

“What the f—k happened to this place?” he inquired.

He shared a story about eating at an Indian restaurant in the Tenderloin a few nights before, only to have someone defecate in front of the restaurant as he was walking in. He described San Francisco as “half ‘Glee,’ half zombie movie,” and commented that the entire city is now the Tenderloin. “Y’all [N-words] need a Batman!” he shouted.

Will Bill Gates be the first to taste cell-cultivated beef at the San Francisco restaurant? That remains to be seen. If Bill is willing to invest in it, he should also eat it!