This Momma just cried in the middle of Target

“This Momma just burst into tears in the middle of Target.” We were at Target waiting for Grammi when we came across these dinosaurs. Owen grabbed all three, and we were debating which one he wanted when Owen unexpectedly exclaimed ‘HI’ to an older guy going past us.

The Reason This Stranger Gave A Toddler $20 In Target Will Turn You To Mush

He turned back and said, ‘hello darling boy,’ before playing dinosaurs with Owen. In this weird world we live in, I was a little concerned about how near he was to Owen. The father took out his wallet and took out $20, placing it in Owen’s shirt pocket and saying, ‘I just lost my two-year-old grandson last week.’ You take this money and purchase this youngster all three dinosaurs’ and massaged Owens back, dried his tears, and went away.

The person turned around and screamed louder sooner after Owen said “thank you!” There is still hope in the world!”

Photographer: Alyssa Hacker