This is What Happens to Your Body if You Walk Barefoot 5 Minutes Every Day


Should we walk barefoot?

We all know that people used to walk barefoot at first and it has been like that for centuries. Back in those days’ people didn’t have anything to protect their feet, so they walked barefoot wherever they go. Even today, some people have habit of walking barefoot, which is very good, because when we put shoes on we affect the most essential human sense – the sense of touch.

So, the question remains – Why is walking barefoot so important for the human body? We can answer that for you. Our hands and feet are connected to particular organs in the body, and by walking barefoot we stimulate these points and we improve the function of those organs.


The flow of energy in the body

You may have heard about the word “chi”. In China it’s referred to the vital energy which flows through the human bodies. In India they have another word for it. They call it “Prana”. But, you don’t have to remember its name; all you should know is how that vital energy affects your entire body. The vital energy or “chi” runs through our, so called, meridian system. The meridian system is similar to the blood stream. The proper flow of this energy means that our organs get all the vital energy they need. If there is corked meridian, it can affect the particular organ and eventually it can cause some kind of health problem.

This is extremely important for you to know. The ends of these meridians are located in your feet. When you walk without any shoes, you stimulate them and you “massage” the organs in your body. This is the best acupressure massage, because you are reviving the energy flow through your meridians.

Acupressure Massage

There is other option is you can’t walk barefoot. Acupressure can really help you with that. You should massage your hands and feet for 5 minutes every day to improve your health and it will boost the vital energy through your body. You should know that these massages require a strong pressure, but not too strong. The best option for you is to practice your pressure on your kitchen scale. The pressure should be about ¼ kilogram to 2-3 kilograms. All you need is to focus on the pain spots and you will do just fine.

This procedure may seem simple, but the benefits of acupressure massage are more than amazing. Acupressure massage is great in the treatment of several health conditions, such as: sinus issues, indigestion, poor energy, tension, frequent infections, heart failure, hormonal imbalance, etc. This type of massage will provide your organs with the energy they need to function properly.

Ground yourself

The ground gives you the energy you need. It’s the same as the sun, which provides the Vitamin D for you. Walking barefoot on the ground involves connection with the natural bioelectrical field on the ground. You should walk barefoot everyday and renew and strengthen this connection.

A recent study has found that grounding increases the surface charge of red blood cells. As a result, the cells avoid clumping, which decreases blood viscosity. High viscosity is a significant factor in heart disease, which is why so many people take blood thinning aspirin each day to improve their heart health. Another study has found that grounding may help regulate both the endocrine and nervous systems.

You should start walking barefoot for 5-10 minutes every day and increase the time you spend walking barefoot gradually. And eventually, you will have no difficulties with walking barefoot. Exercising barefoot outdoors is one of the most wonderful, inexpensive and powerful ways of incorporating grounding into your daily life and will also help speed up tissue repair, as well as easing the muscle pain you sometimes get from strenuous exercise.



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