This Ingredient Will Make Your Hair And Eyelashes Grow Like Crazy! (RECIPE)

Castor oil has numerous beauty and health benefits such as boosting hair growth. The oil is full of vitamin E and omega-9 fatty acids which feed your hair and follicles and allow them to grow faster. The oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can treat numerous skin and hair problems, and is also rich in numerous minerals and proteins.

Castor oil contains unsaturated fats which are responsible for its restorative properties. Its main compound is ricinoleic acid, which has been known to treat and prevent fungal, bacterial and mold infections. However, it is mainly known for its ability to boost hair growth. It is so effective that rubbing a couple of drops on your scalp every day will significantly improve the process. According to Dr. David Williams, castor oil can also improve your lymph flow. “There is no other remedy that can boost the lymph flow, but topical application of castor oil can surely help,” he says.

The ricinoleic acid in the oil is also responsible for its anti-inflammatory properties which can treat inflammatory processes in the digestive system and resolve numerous digestive problems.

Here’s what else castor oil can help you with:

  • Treats gastrointestinal problems;
  • Reduces menstrual pain and cramps;
  • Treats acne and other skin disorders;
  • Reduces headaches;
  • Relieves sunburns;
  • Treats fungal infections such as Athlete’s foot;
  • Treats dandruff and protects the scalp from infections.

Castor oil packs

Castor oil packs are a great natural remedy against kidney stones, irritable bowel syndrome, fibroids, painful joints, ovarian, digestive and menstrual problems. To prepare the pack, put a few drops of the oil on gauze and apply it on your skin, then put a bottle of hot water over it and wrap everything with a towel. Leave the pack to work for an hour, then remove it and clean the area with water. Repeat the process up to 3 times a week for best results.

To boost the growth of your hair and eyelashes, prepare a mixture of 20 ml. panthenol, 30 ml. castor oil and 15 drops of garlic oil. Apply the mixture on your eyelashes every day and they will start growing like crazy!


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