The Secret Recipes For The Cure Of All Diseases In A 3,500 Year Old Book!

Have you ever heard of the famous Dr. Richard Shultz? Well, if you have, then you’ve probably heard about his ancient and super-healing technique which he uses. And you should also know that this simple, but very effective healing technique was mentioned in the Bible, almost 3,500 years ago.

Before we start with this article, let me say that this is an interview with the famous Dr. Shultz. In this article he is going to tell us more about his healing techniques and what types of healing methods he uses.

Dr. Shultz: “Hello everyone. Well, how should I start? I usually get letters from all over the world, and many different around the worlds are very satisfied with my simple, but very effective healing techniques, which I describe thoroughly in my books and my video recordings. You should all know that I don’t want to hide my knowledge. In my last book, I’ve explained everything – in details, so that everyone can cure themselves in their own homes, without needing me.

There are many different simple techniques and recipes for full body cleansing. So, people who are interested in making homemade herbal – tinctures, teas, mixtures, etc. can make them in their own home. I will give my readers all my recipes and directions, on how to make them and how to use them.

Dr. Markus: “Dr. Shultz, you are a Doctor that claims that there is no incurable disease? Am I right?

Dr. Shultz: “Well, I think that there isn’t such a thing – incurable disease. I think that there are people who don’t want to recover from their disease or some health problem, and people who don’t want to change their bad habits. I’m using an ancient healing and hygiene technique, which has been mentioned thousands of years ago in the Bible.”

Dr. Markus: “Dr. Shultz, human beings are the only organisms in the world that are sick? Why is that?”

Dr. Shultz: “You got that wrong. Human beings are not the only one sick. Plants and animals are also sick – plants and animals, which are under the influence of the sick man. First, you need to know that the main causes for diseases are: inappropriate habitat, unhealthy diet and not having particular goals in life. The human being is created to live in natural, to work every day, to eat fresh plants and to enjoy the company of his family.

But, the modern man has decided to live his life outside the nature, in dirty cities, without any physical activities, processed and toxic foods (most of it is from animal origin). And the main goal is to run and get the money, which will buy him the poison that will destroy his life and his health. In this kind of life, man doesn’t have any friends and because he lives un-natural life – he will be depressed and anxious, which in fact is the body saying “Do you want to destroy me?”

Dr. Markus: “So Dr. Shultz, are you trying to say that depression is the most dangerous form of disease – caused by the unhealthy way of life?”

Dr. Shultz: “Well yes. First, you need to know that the most difficult patients are the people who are “doomed”, in spiritual way and they want to die. So, depression is the most common disease of the modern man, which usually leads to a mind state, in which the person doesn’t want to live anymore. The Bid Pharma makes a huge profit on the so-called “depression pills”, which can put out the fire – temporarily. But, the biggest problem is that these depression pills can’t solve the actual problem.

Dr. Markus: “So, this means that there won’t be any sick people in villages, right?”

Dr. Shultz: “Well yes, we can say that there aren’t any people in villages, who suffer from depression. And you can hardly find depression in the villages, because people are physically active. But, there are other diseases in villages, because many people who live in villages consume unhealthy and processed foods, smoke and drink lots of alcohol. And, when the younger generations become older, they want to move out and live in the city. So, they leave the village, and the people who remain in the village can’t form a family, because there is no one left around.

Dr. Markus: “Dr. Shultz, what do you actually do with patients who don’t want to be treated?”

Dr. Shultz: “I can’t help people, if they can’t help themselves. But, I had a few cases where the parents brought their kids – 18, 20, 22 years old and said to me – please Dr. Shultz, save our child, they want to kill themselves. Once, there was one depressed girl. I took her for a walk, along the coast of the ocean in California.

So, we walked and we talked. The girl spoke to me with a dead voice, she said that the was sick of life and she wants to kill herself. It was January. Let me say that I’m a martial arts instructor as well. So, when we walked a little more, I caught her by her hand and by her led and I threw her in the cold ocean. The little girl started to scream – “Are you crazy, are you trying to kill me?” Well, I just told her to swim to the shore and we ran to the office so she could change her clothes. She was soaking wet and cold. So, when she changed her clothes, she was more than happy, and you know what she told me: “Doctor Shultz, how do you call this therapy – I feel much better now.”

I told her this is the famous hydrotherapy – and ancient therapy that improves the blood circulation in the human body, especially in the brains of people who are depressed. So, when you do more physical activities – running, swimming, etc. you will notice that the results are amazing. I also told her and her parents that she could do this hydrotherapy in her bath tub or a shower cabin. She should take 1 min hot shower and then 1 min cold shower. She needs to repeat this process for 7 times. And I also told her that she should walk, swim, run, ride a bike – and the depression will simply disappear. So, she followed my advice and she never had a problem with depression, ever again. But, of course, this type of hydrotherapy healing technique is rarely used, just in the most severe cases and at the insistence of the parents.

Dr. Markus: “Dr. Shultz, we all know that the water healing treatment, mentioned in the Bible, is used very often. So, do you use the water treatment in the treatment of all diseases?”

Dr. Shultz: “Well, this type of hydrotherapy treatment is a powerful technique – but not powerful enough, I’m afraid. Your body needs to cleanse itself of toxins, so it can be healed. You should know that the main pollutant in the body is the colon – and it needs to be cleansed first. I had patients who had terrible headaches for seven years. And when these patients cleansed their colons, their headaches stopped immediately. You got that right – the constipation can be the cause of a headache. When you are done with the colon, you should cleanse the other body organs as well – especially the liver, which is the main filter in the human body. And then, you need to cleanse the gallbladder, kidneys, bladder, etc.

Dr. Markus: “What kind of healing techniques do you use to cleanse the body”

Dr. Shultz: “First, let me mention that I use only natural plants and herbs. If you want to cleanse the colon, then your best options are plums and apples. I usually give them to my patients in the form of freshly squeezed juice. If you want to cleanse the liver, then you should use herbal teas and tinctures. For kidney cleansing you should use bearberry tea. Or you can use freshly squeezed lemon and orange juice, with some olive oil in it. These ingredients are the best natural ingredients for melting kidney stones.

Dr. Markus: “The Bible says that God created all human beings to feed on plants and to use the plant leaves for healing”

Dr. Shultz: “Well yes, the human beings are herbivores, by anatomy. And like all the other herbivores, humans should also eat fresh plants – because boiling, baking and roasting destroys all the healthy nutrients in them. This is why I recommend freshly squeezed juices to all of my patients. So, I recommend drinking just water (non-carbonated) and 2-4 liters of freshly squeezed juices in the first 3-4, and sometimes even 30 days.

So, after they are done with this juice program, I usually switch my patients to the raw-plant foods healing program. The juice healing method should last for at least 5 days. In some patients it’s just 10 days, and in others, more severe cases, maybe 30 days. But, all patients should consume herbs, in the form of teas and tinctures – which will stimulate and improve their immune system, blood circulation, it cleanses the body and it boosts their functions and the healing process.

Dr. Markus: “So, are you saying that herbs are so powerful?”

Dr. Shultz: “Yes, herbs are extremely powerful “tools”. Take this for example – a famous US dealer, from the 10th century has witnessed the powerful effects of the Echinacea plant, which was used by the Native Americans. So, he used that and he visited many different cities in America – holding the Echinacea tincture in one hand, and a very poisonous snake in the other.

Then, he gathered many people on the town’s square and let the snake bit him in front of all people. So, he drank this Echinacea potion and he stayed healthy. People were amazed and shocked at the same time. He managed to sell many of these Echinacea tincture bottles.

Dr. Markus: “So, are you trying to say that Echinacea is your favorite plant?”

Dr. Shultz: “Actually no, my favorite plants are garlic and red peppers. Garlic is extremely powerful antibiotic and it’s a part of all my medical treatments. In my books, I have many different articles about the healing powers of this amazing and super healthy plant. Well, I can also say that red hot peppers are also very useful and healing plants. This plant improves the blood circulation, and this is very important because the blood will circulate more in the diseased part of the body. This actually means that the blood will bring more immune cells, food and other healing ingredients to that part, and it can heal much faster.

We also had some severe bleeding cases, in which the doctors or the other medical equipment couldn’t help – but, when we applied cayenne pepper on the bleeding, it stopped in just few seconds.

Dr. Markus: “You’ve mentioned that there aren’t any incurable diseases. What about AIDS?”

Dr. Shultz: “Well, I would like to say that I’ve had a few patients, who had AIDS and they’ve all been in a state of decay. So, I’ve used my usual healing program and just after 1 week, I’ve noticed some improvements. In such severe cases, it took several months, even a year to find a cure.

Dr. Markus: “Dr. Shultz, what do you think about cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease”

Dr. Shultz: “It’s the same – you can cure these diseases quickly as the common cold, but only if the patient is disciplined and willing to cooperate. In just 10 days, some patients will experience the results of the healing process. I have mentioned this in my book.

Dr. Markus: “Dr. Shultz, is there something you would like to highlight about this healing technique?

Dr. Shultz: “All people should know that one of the most important things in treating these terrible diseases is the support of their family. So, if patients are surrounded by negative people, who discourage them by their behavior, then this is a big problem. Well, some people say that I’, too extreme – because some people think that I’m suggesting that they should leave their job if they feel suffocated, to leave their wife who demoralizes them and destroys them (in spiritual way). But, I think that the most important thing in human life’s is to do everything to save it.

Some people attacked me because I told a woman, who was very ill – to remove all the pictures from the wall of her desisted son, who was 5-years-old. She was looking at these pictures and mourned for her son. So, I finally did it – I picked up all pictures from the fall, put them in a suitcase, throw them in the basement and she got her walls painted. After some time, the woman was healed. You shouldn’t think about ugly and bad things in the past. You should stay away from negative and bad people and only think positive. As I said, you should get the support of your friends, family and relatives that really care about you.

Dr. Markus: “Dr. Shultz, your books and video materials have fascinated many people around the world.”

Dr. Shultz: “As I said, I get letters from people all over the world, and many different around the worlds are very satisfied with my simple, but very effective healing techniques, which I describe thoroughly in my books and my video recordings. You should all know that I don’t want to hide my knowledge. In my last book, I’ve explained everything – in details, so that everyone can cure themselves in their own homes, without needing me. These simple and effective techniques are very useful. They can help you cleanse your body, and make very useful tinctures and herbal remedies, which you can use them by yourself. You can find all the recipes and directions in my book.”

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