There Is Poop in Basically All Hamburger Meat

Fast food industry and hamburger consumption has experienced an increase in the past few decades. Most people enjoy fast food more than twice a week despite the warnings of doctors and experts who claim that fact food is actually dangerous food.

An American magazine named Consumer Reports made the strangest research ever made on fast food industry. What they wanted to know in fact is “Are there faces in the food we eat in fast food restaurant?”. This is probably the most disgusting thing that will change your mind about your favorite burger forever.” Here’s what they found:

chart 1

The research phases

In the first phase of the research, experts microscope 200 kilos of ground beef which is most commonly used in 26 US cities and its sold in stores, supermarkets and organic stores.

In the second phase, they analyzed 181 samples of beef which came from farms where the animals were 100% natural breed which included feeding with grass and no antibiotics. Plus they analyzed 116 meat samples from animals raised outdoors.

The results they got were shocking. Almost all of the samples contained enterococci, a bacteria which can be found in human intestines and is related to fecal contamination and may cause blood or urinary infections.

In the third phase of the research, experts tested the meat on antibiotic resistance on the bacteria previously found. Here they discovered that almost half of the meat included in the study was resistant to at least three classes of antibiotics.


How is this possible?

In modern time in which we live where slaughtering animals and meat processing has become a routine this is not strange at all. The feces can be easily mixed with the meat and the bacteria can very fast spread through. When you cook the meat, you actually kill the bacteria but the problem with ground beef is that it spreads and fully contaminates the clean meat.

So, are you still craving a burger?


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