The Sciatic Pain Made Me Cry From The Discomfort, But With This Exercises I Learned To Eliminate It In 2 Minutes

The sciatic nerve is one of the largest nerves in the entire human body.  It begins in the lower back and runs through the buttock and down the lower limb. Being located in this area, it is susceptible to suffer many damages and cause us pain. Among other things, we can cause lower back pain, tingling and itching of the feet.

Among the possible causes of sciatica pain is the hernia of a disc of the spine. It could also be due to some physical activity that would injure him or to an accident with his back. Sometimes the pain can be so acute that it practically immobilizes us and we can’t bear it. However, to relieve pain and repair the damage, there are some very effective yoga exercises. Each position that we present you next will have to maintain it for 10 seconds, stretching all the muscles.


To start, we must position ourselves in the position of onslaught or in 4 legs as is commonly told. Now, we’ll stretch our left leg as we lean back until we’re comfortable. Now, we will try to lower our torso to the ground as much as we can.

Recumbent Torque

Initially we should lie on our backs on a flat surface. Then we bring our knees to the chest and cross our legs. Then we will rotate our waist until we touch the ground with our knees. Our shoulders must remain touching the ground all the time.

Variation of laughing cow

Starting from the position of the limiting angle, we will stretch one of the legs in front of us. Then we will bend the other leg over the stretched leg. Now, slowly we will touch our nose with the knee of the folded leg

Sleeping pigeon

Starting from the position of the limiting angle, we must stretch our arms and one of the legs on the ground. The other leg should remain folded under our body. If possible, try bending your torso with your bent foot while stretching your arms forward.

Angle Bound

This exercise involves stretching the sciatic nerve to relieve pain and exercise to prevent further injury . To do this, we must put a towel on the floor and sit on it. Next, we will join our feet right in front of us and we will put the knees to the sides. Now, we will grab our feet and try to lower our heads toward our feet as much as possible.


The initial position will be at the side on the ground keeping the waist in the air with our feet and head on the floor . Now, we will try to raise the pelvis up, using the hands to support the hips. The only care you must have is not to strain your neck too much while performing it.

Lord, half of the fish pose

Sitting on the floor, we will bend the left leg until it touches the right side of our bottom. Next, we will remove the right foot and put it outside, above the left leg. Now, we will grab our right knee with the right arm and turn the piece a little, holding us with the other hand if necessary. Our chest should stand erect and firm all the time.

With these simple exercises we can relieve the pain of the sciatic nerve almost instantly. What you should keep in mind is not about striving. Remember that yoga consists of working the flexibility of the body, something that is acquired over time. If you know someone with sciatic nerve problems, share this article with him on social networks.

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