Studies Show That If You Want to Live Longer You Need to Have More Plants Around You

The study was conducted by the Brigham Women’s Hospital and Harvard School of Public Health over the course of 8 years. It looked at the connection between prolonged life expectancy and living among thriving vegetation and was able to confirm that women who live among healthy vegetation have lower mortality rates than those who don’t. Moreover, a healthy surrounding with plants and greenery was proven to have a positive effect on their mental health, in addition to lowering the mortality rates.

The Link Between Longevity and Plants

The study may sound like a hoax but these results were based on several research components. First, people who live surrounded by plants and vegetation have a lower occurrence of depression and similar mental disorders. Secondly, these people also have a lower exposure to air pollution, higher chances of interaction with other people and are more physically active compared to people who live in areas lacking vegetation. I believe that the study and its results are enough to convince you to move to the country if you haven’t already.

There’s no way to undermine the results of this research, especially given the fact that it was conducted on such a large scale. And can you believe it’s the first nationwide study that examined the link between plants and longevity? It carefully gathered information from more than 100 000 women over the course of 8 years, from 2000 until 2008.

One of the researchers, Peter James, pointed out that eve the researchers were surprised to learn that there’s such a strong connection between low mortality rates and exposure to vegetation. They were even more shocked to learn that exposure to vegetation also has a very positive effect on mental health.

Some of us are simply lucky enough to live in the countryside where they can benefit from the positive effects of plants and vegetation. But what about the others who simply have no other choice but to live in the city where greenery is scarce? Well, you can always surround yourself with house plants and take advantage of their benefits as well.

But what are the best plants for the house?

According to NASA the best air-purifying plants include peace lily, Boston ferns, English ivy and spider plants. If you struggle with insomnia, you should consider buying a jasmine or lavender plant, both of which are effective in reducing anxiety as well.

In conclusion, if you live in the city and want to extend your life expectancy take regular walks in the countryside and equip your house with plants. If you live in the countryside, just enjoy everything it has to offer.


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