Can You Solve This Math Riddle In Under 10 Seconds?

The great thing about a math riddle is that they’re not only fun but challenging too.

Whether you’re a fan of the subject or not, one thing is for sure- math riddles are wonderful ways to keep you in check. And for those who aren’t very logic-oriented or into solving detective mysteries, this just might be your cup of tea.

Today, experts bring forward a riddle that might seem super easy at first but simply it is not. Moreover, it’s a brain teaser that comes with a time limit too. According to statistics from around the globe, you should be able to complete the challenge in less than seconds.

For those Einsteins who can, well good for you. And as far as the rest of you are concerned, try again, until you succeed. After all, there are always two kinds of people at school. One- those who adore mathematics and Two- those that don’t. It’s now up to you to see where you belong.

But what is so special about this math sum in the first place. Well, we thought to present it in front of you so you can judge for yourselves. So let the math riddle challenge begin!

Can you solve it within 10 seconds or less?

While the rather simple appearing math sum is more than meets the eye, many people are still having trouble. See, the challenge here isn’t about completing it actually.

Instead, it’s more about doing it with a time limit attached. So let’s see how the challenge works in the first place.

Ok, now the trick is to calculate which number actually fits into the place where there is a question mark placed. Don’t forget, there’s a 10-second rule attached so keep those handy stopwatches in check too.

What is the last number in this challenge?


Did you solve the challenge? Can you figure out which number should appear after the digits 32, 45, 60, and then 77?

If you feel you can’t find out the answer, we thought to put the answer at the bottom of the picture for your utmost convenience. But again, we certainly feel you should first solve the math riddle before peeking at the solution.

And remember, try and try, and you shall eventually succeed. How many of you live by that principle in life? Well, we’re not sure about you but we certainly do.

It’s time to reveal the correct answer to the math riddle

Were you able to correctly calculate the answer to the math riddle? Well, it’s 96 and if you answered yes, then we certainly think you deserve a pat on that back. Congratulations, especially if you could do it with a 10 second time limit attached.

But how did you arrive at the answer- a question on many people’s minds.


See, it’s actually not too bad when it comes to difficulty level here. If you look at the first two numbers in the sequence, 32 and 45- you’ll find that their difference is about 13.


Next, you will see that the difference between the next two numbers in the sequence, 45 and 60 is 15.


Therefore, that means 13+2=the difference

A similar sequence follows till the end

Next, take a look at the following sequence that comes next. Here is where you will see that the difference needed to be a digit to which 2 is also added.

The difference between both 60 and 77 is 17.


Now, using common sense, we bet you’ve gotten the hang of it. The following numbers in the sequence explain how again, 2 needs to be added as the pattern we’re following is 13,15, and 17.


Here’s the final answer

Now, that leaves us to the last part which is adding both 77 and 19 together.

So what do you get, 77+19= 96

For this reason, the final answer should be 96.

Now, do let us know if you got it right or not. And for those who did, how long did it actually take you?