Staying At Home with Kids Is Harder Than Going to Work

We all love our children, there’s no doubt in that. They are given to us by the universe, they are simply sent to fill our lives with happiness, joy, affection, and unconditional love. That’s what most of us think.

This does not change the fact that sometimes they are driving us nuts! Staying at home and taking care of the kids, can be a lot more difficult and challenging than any other job. Because the kids are draining your energy, especially the newborns.

Playing, bathing, singing to sleep, telling bedtime stories, laughing, changing, soothing, feeding, hugging, all of those things are a part of that unconditional love we have for them, but that doesn’t always relieve you from the stress. The parents who stay at home to take care of their kids can relate to this, especially the ones who have more than one child.

They don’t normally prefer to complain about their experiences. The vast majority would wonder, “What’s so difficult about staying at home throughout the day with your little one(s)?

People judge them without contemplating what they experience each day. The facts demonstrate that always complaining can cause more damage than good, yet everybody has the right to now and again and they should be paid attention to and taken seriously.

At the point when most working parents spend a day at home with their children, even on paid leave, many are simply not patient and can’t wait to go back to work.

AVEENO Baby U.K. Survey

An across the nation survey directed in the U.K. has appeared numerous parents get progressively focused while remaining at home with their children that getting down to business. The review, led by AVEENO Baby, had an example size of the of 1,500 moms and fathers from around the nation. These parents either worked different sorts of occupations or were stay-at-home parents.

Here are the results of the survey:

  • 9% are worried about the sleeping patterns of their kids.
  • 22% are worried about the eating habitats of their newborns.
  • 27% felt the pressure because they want to be the perfect parents.
  • 71% of the mothers and fathers believed that parenting became more competitive because of social media since everybody’s trying to level up to someone.
  • 39% of the parents admitted they are exhausted all the time.
  • 25% said that having a baby is pretty easy.
  • 55% believed that having a baby is one of the hardest and most challenging tasks in life.
  • 40% of the parents agreed that after their first child was born, they stopped judging other parents when they say it is too hard.
  • 31% of the parents agreed that staying home and taking care of the kids is far more stressful and challenging than going to work.

Despite all these facts, 42% of the parents agreed on the fact that the first time experienced true, unconditional love when they had their first child.

Rebecca Bennett, Aveeno Baby Skin expert, reported for The Sun:

“Turning into a parent is an astonishing knowledge, however we comprehend that entering this new part of life can likewise carry with it a lot of pressure and stress, so we needed to find progressively about what unexperienced parents involvement in an initial couple of years, what they wish they had known and how best we can bolster them.”

The conclusion is that taking care of your kids is not an easy task. But, their soft bums, tiny feet, and heart-warming smiles will override any exhaustion that we are feeling. One second and you are willing to grab your stuff and run away, the next second you’re balancing your little one on your belly.


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