Soak Orange Peels With Apple Cider Vinegar. This Is Great Ant And Mosquitoes Repellent

There is one trick that will ease the pain of the housewives, and comes right from the kitchen … All the housewives know that one of the impossible missions is to clean the oven. What chemicals should you use, you will always have to use force and rub like crazy, to remove grease and burnt food or liquid that fell on the stove.

Also, there is always the problem with ants and mosquitoes.

However, there is one trick that will ease your suffering and comes right from the kitchen.

Soak Orange Peels With Apple Cider Vinegar

All you need is:

  • orange peels
  • apple cider vinegar
  • baking soda

Place orange peels in a jar and fill with vinegar. Allow to stand for 5 days and then strain the liquid. Sprinkle baking soda over the oven, and sprinkle through the oven through the resulting liquid.

Wait for 20 minutes and start cleaning – all that will happen almost just.

Spray all surfaces on which the ants are moving with these solutions. It is advisable to wash the floors every day with vinegar because it refuses the ants.

This orange peels are toxic to the ants and mosquitos.


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