How To Lose 5 Pounds Fast

120 hours and this guide all that you need to lose 5 pounds. Stick to the rules and nothing can go wrong. Not only that you will lose weight but you will also feel more beautiful, more self-confident, full with energy and happier.


1.Determine your objective.

Weight your true body weight and determine the exact number of pounds you want to lose. Set your goal and focus on achieving it. Try not to lose track and don’t give up.

Don’t weight every day. It is OK for your weight to change during the day depending on the meals you eat, the water you drink or the activities you have. Set a dieting goal and not a specific number you want to reach. It is very important to improve your eating habits and then your weight will naturally go down.
One pound is 3,500 calories. Losing 5 lbs of fat in 5 days is unreasonable–that’s losing 17,500 calories. Cutting out 3,500 calories a day isn’t doable. Losing five pounds is, but know that what you’ll be losing is mostly water, a combination of muscle and fat, and due to daily weight fluctuations.

2.Focus on the tasks that you need to do in order to lose weight. 

Don’t preoccupy your attention with the pound or calories you lost or you need to lose. Focus on the exercise plan, the training sessions, the foot you consume, the drinks you drink, focusing on the goals you want to reach and try to establish a disciplined routine in all that.

Chose a set of exercises and diet regime that you can follow. Don’t bother with extreme workouts and diets if you know that you can’t follow. Chose a variety of food that will give you energy and will to continue and exercises that will be easy and you will love doing them instead of starvation and exhaustion.

3.Develop self-motivation. 

Write down on a piece of paper your goal and carry it with you all the time. Also write down everything that you want to achieve after losing the extra pounds and at the end write that you are proud of yourself. Read everything that you wrote on that paper whenever you lose your motivation and desire to continue, when you feel tired or hungry.

At the end of the day write down everything that you consumed and the calories it contains. In this way you will always know how many calories you consumed that day and what you should avoid and how to improve your bad habits. Be honest with yourself and admit that you smoked too much that day or you shouldn’t eat that cake after lunch.

4.Exercise regularly.

The best way to lose weight is to combine healthy diet with exercises. You should exercise at least 3 times during the with for at least 30 min per session. Plan your exercises. Search the internet and find the most suitable exercises for you or if you don’t want to exercise by yourself go to the guy try aerobic or Pilates. Combine cardio and resistance training so you will put into action your entire body. And the most important thing is to plan your exercises and don’t miss sessions.

5.Bring on the cardio
Cardio exercises are very important because they burn fat. Try running or cycling in the near park but if you can’t or this looks too boring for you there are too many other options. You may try tennis, swimming, basketball, aerobic dance, and boxing. All of these sports will give you the needed workout plus you will have fun with friends or family.

6.Grab the weights.

Leave aside the belief that weights are only for guys. You don’t have to hit the gym and lift at the bench but you can get small 1 to 2 pounds weights and exercise with them in your home or combine them with your cardio training. Weights are very important because they help you lose calories but also help you make your muscles stronger.

7.Drink water, water, and more water

Remove all other drinks from your diet and drink only water in the following 120 hours. Drink a glass of water with lemon right after waking up. This will hydrate the body and keep you full until breakfast. Drink two glasses water before every meal. This will fill the stomach and you will eat less. You will feel fuller and your body will be hydrate thus it will get rid of the toxins and waste from your body. Plus, water has no calories and you may drink it as much as you want and is great for your complexion. If you like you may add lemon or raw honey in it for better taste.

8.Cut out the processed goods

Your diet should be consisted of fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals, whole grains, fresh meat and low-fat dairy products. This will speed up the metabolism and give you energy for all your activities.

Avoid processed food, sweets and salty snacks. They are full of preservatives, sweeteners and fat. They encourage the body store toxins and fat, slow down the metabolism and you feel tired and in a bad mood all day. As well avoid fast food restaurants.

9.Prepare your foods healthily

Cook your own meals. You don’t have to be chef for this. Prepare simple meals but rich in proteins, vitamins and fibers. Try roasting instead of frying, avoid too much oil in your meals, use egg whites instead of egg yolk, switch to low fat dairy products, buy fresh meat and avoid salt are just some of the tricks for healthier diet and lifestyle.


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