A lot of people in the world are unaware that there are many GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) foods on the marked. These “healthy” foods are promoted as healthy and nutritious. Well people, it’s time to put an end to these lies!

One of these “safe and healthy” products is Nutella. Many people think that Nutella is healthy and safe food, without even knowing that is actually contains 4 GMO ingredients. This is all cause of Nutella’s powerful marketing and advertising. It doesn’t matter if the other ingredients are healthy and safe, it’s more than enough that 1 ingredient is GMO. It can and it will have serious effects for your health.


The 4 GMO ingredients in Nutella:


You may have heard that soy has been consumed by Asian civilizations for centuries and they considered soy to be very healthy food. So, the main question would be: How come soy is unhealthy for the Americans? Well, we can answer that for you. Soybeans in Asia are grown organically and are consumed in small amounts. But, in the western countries is quite the opposite. In the western countries, soybean production is completely GMO and soy is consumed in large quantities. Now, let’s get back to the Nuttela’s soy. Nutella contains high amount of soy lecithin, and emulsifier that has adverse effects on your health. Many recent studies have linked this ingredient to thyroid depression, uncontrolled obesity, fatigue, late period, breast cancer, premature puberty, etc.


The sugar in Nutella is actually made of sugar beet. This sugar is not just inexpensive ingredient, but it’s also high in dangerous chemicals, such as pesticides. This “sugar” is nothing like the natural sugar, which our body uses for proper function. The only thing that really matters to the Nutella manufacturers is the low price of this refined sugar. But, the fact that this refined sugar is a very know neurotoxin, which crosses the blood barrier and destroys the brains cells is completely disregarded. The latest researches have linked this refined sugar to many health conditions, such as: ADD, ADHD, depression, autism, migraine and anxiety.

Skim milk

We all know the commercials for milk products. They are generally associated with images of cows, eating green grass on vast green meadows. But, the truth is completely different. The Nutella manufacturers use cow’s milk, which is from cows fed on GMO corn and vitamin supplements in order to reduce the costs. The quality of that milk is poor. All we are trying to say is that this odorless milk white liquid is made of powdered milk, and powdered milk is abundant in high cholesterol.


The Nutella label may say that there are no artificial colors. But wait, the label doesn’t say that there are no unnatural flavors. They put vanillin in Nutella, which originates from China and it’s a potential health treat as it can make people addictive by stimulating the receptors in your brain and secreting serotonin, the so-called hormone of happiness. Vanillin has similar properties as the sugar. It has neurotoxic properties that destroy brain cells.

We really hope you understand the risk of eating Nutella, and that it can be really dangerous for you and your family. Think twice when you see the Nutella jars in the supermarket next time when you go to buy some groceries.

Original article source: Republished with permission

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