Have you ever wondered what is the source of economic problems in your life and why you’re constantly worried? Have you ever wondered if the problem lies in energy blockages in your home? If you can locate the problem to an energy blockage, there’s a simple way of resolving it. Continue reading the article to learn a simple ritual that will resolve your financial problems and help you attract money.

You save, keep close watch and never waste money, but still, you’re short by the end of the month. Is this happening to you often? Don’t worry – it happens to us all! Of course, money doesn’t buy happiness, but it is a necessary resource. Money provides security and prosperity, and has become a big necessity in our lives.

Did you know that fatigue, stress and worry can affect your chances of attracting money? Knowing this, the first step towards financial stability is to change your attitude. The next step involves a simple ritual which will remove the energy obstruction in your home and give you the strength to continue. Furthermore, the ritual will also help you attract money and resolve your financial troubles.

Follow the steps below to improve your financial situation:


2 glass bottles

2 green candles

2 handfuls of rice

6 black pepper grains


The ritual should always be performed Tuesday, and should be completed before Wednesday midnight. Here’s what you should do:

Pour some water in a pan and bring it to a boil in order to clean it from impurities. Next, pour the water into the bottles and add a handful of rice and 3 black pepper grains per bottle and close them tightly. Now, put a bottle in your living room and kitchen, then light a green candle in front of them and leave everything like that for an hour. The bottles must be put in plain sight and should never be hidden from view. After an hour, smother the flame with a spoon (don’t blow on it!), then take the bottles and put them in spots where you can see them every day.


Try performing the ritual in solitude, and don’t allow guests during the process as they may affect its efficiency. If you’re a believer, pray to Archangel Uriel every night to bless your wealth. The ritual serves to communicate with the sacred and important and is a way of getting in touch with the unknown.

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