We all have a habit of bringing a bottle of water next to our bed at night, in the case we get thirsty overnight. It’s a nifty habit that saves you a trip to the kitchen, but there’s one problem – according to Dr. Kellogg Schwab, the seemingly innocent bottle of water is a big threat to our health. Dr. Schwab is a microorganism expert from the John Hopkins University in the USA, and according to his research, a bottle of water left next to our bed is often a source of many health problems.

As Dr. Schwab explains, the bottle is attacked by bacteria and germs overnight, which will eventually end up in your body once you take a sip. The main problems with bacteria and microorganisms in general is that they multiply with lightning speed. The problem gets even worse if the bottle is plastic and your room temperature is high. This is because plastic containers such as water bottles contain a toxic substance known as Bisphenol A (BPA), which is released at high temperatures. Soon after, the water gets contaminated with the toxin, which, combined with the high amount of bacteria, gets increasingly dangerous for your health.

According to Dr. Schwab, the mineral water PET bottles should never be reused, as they’re not intended to. PET bottles have a relatively short longevity, and aren’t meant to be reused. The Bisphenol A often used in these bottles is a powerful hormone disruptor which can seriously harm your health.

The main problems caused by drinking water left in your bedroom overnight from a plastic bottle range from heart disease, male infertility and even cancer. In order to avoid these potential health hazards, just go and pour yourself a glass of water in your kitchen whenever you’re feeling thirsty in the middle of the night.

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