Reasons Why Children Under the Age of 12 Shouldn’t Never Touch A Handheld Devices

Electronic devices are proven to be dangerous for human’s health and it especially harmful for children. The Canadian Society of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Pediatrics made a study where they examined the damages which may be caused by electronics in children under the age of 12. Here is the list of the most common consequences from abuse of technology by children.


   1.Brain development

The brain of a child under the age of 12 is in constant development. This is why they are curious and ask too much questions. If you don’t offer them the much needed attention and you leave them with their phones, iPads, TV and internet the children are at risk to develop certain brain damages and have problems with attention, impaired learning, cognitive delays and self – regulation.

   2.Developmental consequences

Electronics and technology makes the children lazy and have consequences on their movement and development. Because of this, many adults later have problems with literacy and academic achievement.


Technology is number one reason for obesity. This happens as a result from long sitting or laying and no physical activity. This inactivity and spending the day in front of the computer, TV or on the phone are main reason for developing diabetes and greater risk of heart attack. According to the data from the Canadian and American Institutes around 30% of children under the age of 12 are obese.

   4.Sleep deprivation

Sleeping deprivation affects the whole organism and health. This happens as a result from using the phone or computer in the bedroom. The electronics are captivating all the attention of the child and they go late to bed and wake up tired.

   5.Mental Disorder

Exaggerated us of technology is the reason for problematic behavior, psychosis, bipolar disorder, attention deficit, anxiety and child depression.


Violent and sexual content of the games the children play or the videos they watch are main reason for aggressiveness. It is known that children imitate the behavior of their role models and think that that is the right thing.


Technology captivates the attention of the child attacking its brain and later causing attention deficit or problems with concentration and memory. All of this interferes with later life causing serious mental illness or impaired ability to learn.

   8.Technology addiction

Technology addiction may cause children detach from real life and their family and become distant and closed in their own world.


All electronic devices emit radiation and are classified as possible reason for cancer. Dr. Anthony Miller from the University of Toronto’s School of Public Health even recommended that these should be reclassified as a 2A (probable carcinogen) and that a study is necessary in order to check that.


Technology affects children’s ability to function normally in the society and their sustainability. This is big problem because later they can develop mental illnesses and become aggressive.

Technology Use Guidelines for Children and Youth



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