This powerful remedy will help you lose weight, clean your colon and reduce the inflammation in your stomach!

Papaya is a healthy tropical fruit that has numerous uses – it can treat numerous digestive problems and help you lose weight as well. Papaya can clean your colon of toxins and reduce the inflammation in your gut, effectively helping you reduce your weight. In order to do this, you need to prepare papaya juice and drink it every day to boost your digestion and improve your overall health in just a week.

One of the many advantages of the fruit is that it is easily available and cheap. It is commonly used in different cuisines and also a part of many natural remedies, thanks to the numerous health benefits it brings. This is why experts recommend drinking papaya juice every day which you can prepare by following these instructions:


¾ of a cup of chopped papaya

½ a cup of almond milk

½ a cup of oatmeal

¼ of a teaspoon of cinnamon powder


Mix all the ingredients in a blender until you get a homogenous mixture and that’s it – your healthy papaya drink is ready! Pour it into the glass and add some ice cubes, then enjoy your papaya smoothie. This incredible drink will reduce the inflammation of your stomach lining and clean your colon, effectively improving its performance and helping you lose weight. Thanks for reading and please share this recipe with everyone you know so they can get fit by the summer.

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