People Who Are Often Late Are More Successful And Live Longer

Each of us has a friend or colleague who is always late. No, he/she does not want to send you. These people don’t deliberately stop somewhere so that you begin to get irritated. It’s just that they have such nature!

Some people always watch the time and they are able to literally control it – and these people are the complete opposite. They are never punctual.

Different peoples and cultures differently perceive being late. But in the modern European world, non-punctuality is considered something rather rude, unpleasant, a sign of bad manners and unprofessionalism. You could continue to scold people who do not “watch the time” – but it seems that these people are an advantage.

A sign of success

It turns out that being late is not a sign of disrespect! Or a sign of laziness. This only means that a person has to solve too many problems and cases at the same time. It is multitasking, according to psychologists, that makes us lose the sense of time.Of course, some studies question the effectiveness of multitasking: but successful people, as a rule, do several things simultaneously. And they are engaged in several spheres.

Late optimists

If you constantly don’t have enough time – including at work, you can congratulate yourself: you are an optimist. No, we were not mistaken. If you don’t have time to do something day in, day out, all the time – this is normal. And you get out of the schedule for one simple reason: you think that you have much more time than there really is.

At the same time, positive thinking is a personal trait that makes people more successful in life. Studies conducted among sellers showed that optimists make 88% more successful deals than their counterparts.

Furthermore, optimism makes you live longer! If you go through life with a positive attitude, treat everything easily, then you and the nervous system are in order, and stresses are not so terrible and the heart is healthy

Sometimes you can

Back in the 50s, psychologists began to conditionally divide people into two types. Type A – active, nervous and type B – relaxed and creative. Non-punctual people are clearly of type B.

Studies have shown that these two types of personality perceive time in different ways. The experimenters took a group of persons with type A personality and a group of persons with type B personality, switched on the stopwatch and stopped it at exactly one minute. And then they asked the participants: how much time passed in their opinion?

People with type A personality, on average, felt that it was 58 seconds. And people with type B personality – not less than 77 seconds.

We conclude: you are not to blame for being late! You simply don’t perceive the time as your irritable friends. It is normal to be late from time to time. Those who are always in a hurry will have time to stop and think about something more than the everyday troubles.

So next time someone starts to scold you for not arriving on time – show them this article. They can’t do anything about it. It was proven by science.

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