Parents, Be Careful! A 3 Year Old Child Said That Someone Was Talking To It At Night and What His Mother Discovered Is Shocking!

You probably think that having a baby monitor with camera would make life much easier for parents with young children. But, you after reading this you will think twice before you buy this device.

Parents to a 3 year old were left completely shocked when they found out that their child talks to stranger daily in his room at the dead of the night. The little boy kept complaining that that some stranger was to him through the monitor device. Sarah and Jay, the couple decided to figure things out.


Sarah went into her child’s room and she heard a voice saying-“Wake up little child. Your daddy is looking for you.”After some days, Jay too heard the same voice saying-“Someone is coming.”The parents got really frightened when they discovered that the night-vision lens was being controlled by someone to follow their movements.The fear turned into horror..

They immediately contacted the producer of the monitor-Foscam. They were told clearly that it is very likely their monitor is hacked by someone, using a smartphone application or a computer. CBS News too confirmed the incident telling everyone and awaring them too that monitors generally provides the already included internet connection as well as connections through a smartphone.

Therefore criminal cases are increasing day by day due to the frequent hacking of the monitors.

Share this post and spread awareness among people!! This can happen with your child too!


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