Never bloomed like this: 1 tablespoon of this ingredient makes the difference.

Craving a flower-filled and lush garden? Then all you have to do is try this unique method, composed of natural and easily available ingredients.

A flower-filled garden or balcony is the desire of many, even those without a green thumb. Yet, it is not difficult to achieve.

A Flower-filled Dream Come True

Watching a garden or a plant with beautiful, lush, and colorful flowers can be a true delight for the eyes. However, it’s not always possible. Balcony plants may not tolerate their exposure, and garden plants may suffer from a lack of fertilizer in the soil.

During and after the pandemic, more and more people have understood the importance of caring for a small green corner at home, in the living room, or, for the luckier ones, in the garden or on the terrace. If this space is flower-filled, even better. In fact, it has been shown that taking care of seedlings can be therapeutic for the mind and relieve stress.

A Flourishing Garden

There are many products to take care of your flower-filled green space. However, some of them may harm not only the environment but also those around us. Below, we will indicate a method to get a flower-filled garden without resorting to expensive chemicals.

The Ingredient to Use

You will never guess that the ingredient that can make your garden bloom is baking soda. Yes, you read that right. It is an easy-to-find and very inexpensive ingredient. Baking soda is a highly versatile ingredient to use in both cooking, for various preparations, and for cleaning. Known for its whitening, absorbing, and odor-fighting properties, baking soda is also an excellent pesticide and fungicide, which is why it can be used with plants.

A teaspoon will suffice. To be effective, however, the teaspoon of baking soda must be mixed with the juice of a whole mandarin. Squeeze the mandarin into a bowl, add the spoonful of baking soda, and mix well.

For each plant you want to see bloom, you must proceed as follows: put three teaspoons of baking soda in a bowl. Squeeze the mandarin well and mix its juice with baking soda. At this point, add a liter of room-temperature water and continue to mix. This liquid will be used to water the plants in your home, terrace, or garden and will allow you to achieve lush blooms never seen before. The mixture should be placed directly under the roots, one glass, once every thirty days.

The effect this liquid will have on your flower-filled garden is to repel pests while protecting the soil. Once you have tried this method, you will always use it for your flower-filled garden and plants.