Most Dangerous Plant in the World? (one touch of a Gympie plant sting will result in 9 months of throbbing pain)

Dendrocnide moroides, also known as the Gympie-gympie plant, grows in Australia’s north-east rainforests. When dealing with nature, you must take extra care; as mentioned in the above note, one touch of a gympie plant sting will result in nine months of throbbing pain. That’s the main reason why the Gympie plant considers as the most dangerous plant in the world.

The name “suicide plant” was given to it because it is the most poisonous species of Australian stinger ever discovered. It has stinging hairs that cover the whole plant and emit a powerful neurotoxin when struck. This causes whitening and swelling, as well as soreness, at the sting location.

People have mentioned the sting as feeling like they are being attacked by acid, electrified, or squeezed by huge hands, and it can last for months. Many individuals have experienced pain flare-ups for years after being stung, and there are even reports of horses, furious by the pain, jumping from hills to their deaths

The fruit of the Gympie plant, on the other hand, is edible if the stinging fur that covers it is removed. No one is going to risk their lives by eating an edible fruit, am I right?