My Son is The Best Thing In My Life

A mother is a person who gives birth to the son, she nurtures and loves you unconditionally. She is also a woman who is sensitive and have weak moments sometimes. You should not say the following to avoid hurting her.

1.Say you love other women than her

You really love your girlfriend or your wife, sometimes you love them more than your mother. But do not tell her this, otherwise deep down she will be very sad. Because mom loves you more than anything in the world, including herself. She also hopes you love her just like she does.

2.It’s a pity to be your son

You can not choose who is your mother, but you can choose to behave with her and be able to decide your own life. Just like your mother, she doesn’t choose your gender, your shape, your personality, but she gets the right to love and educate you. Whoever you are, having you in her life is a happiness. So accept your mother, and be happy because she brought you to this life.

3.Say “ I don’t need you”

When you grow up, you are able to take care of yourself, you no longer need your mother to take care of you. But do not say that you do not need her, because to your mother your are always a baby who needs love and care. Be happy to accept it and appreciate her attention or advice for you, despite the fact that her opinion is not really valued. Because she sends a lot of love in those advices.

4.Compare your mom inferior to other mothers

She will be hurt and unconfident if you compare your mother to the other mothers who are more talented, richer, more beautiful. Although she is not equal to others, she has tried her best, sacrificed her best to give you the best life she can, and she loves you no matter who you are. Let your mom know that to you she is the best.

5.Refuse gifts made by a mother

When you were young, you were very happy when your mother cooked delicious food or gave gifts to you. When you grew up, she still wanted to make food, or small gifts for you, because she loved you so much, she wanted to take care of you and make you happy like when you were a child. Please receive and enjoy this love from your mother, because not everyone has a mother to take care of.