Court Confirms That The MMR Vaccine Causes Autism!

Health authorities in the 50s have confirmed that the rubella (MMR) vaccine causes autism, which has caused quite a stir in recent times. Now, even the Federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has confirmed the same again, but you won’t hear about it on the news.

In a recent verdict that has been censored for the public, the family of Ryan Mojabi received hundreds of thousands of dollars after the court confirmed that the MMR vaccine the kid got led to the development of encephalitis and autism later. 10-year old Ryan Mojabi developed encephalitis just days after getting his MMR vaccine, and it led to autism later. “Ryan suffered a violation of the law of vaccines – he developed encephalitis 5-15 days after getting the shot,” the US Department of Health and Social Welfare confirmed. “This case is suitable for financial compensation,” the court decided.

However, although the government and court confirmed that Ryan’s health problems came from the MMR vaccine, they won’t go public – the documents are not available to the media which clearly shows that they’re hiding something. If the documents were to go public, they will confirm that the vaccine is indeed dangerous and unfit for use. This case, however, opened the eyes of millions of parents around the world.

How many children developed a serious disease such as autism after getting their vaccine shot? Only a handful of these parents decide to go through the hellish administrative fight with the court and pharmaceutical giants, and the ignorance about the possible complications of vaccination demoralizes many parents as well.  This is why Big Pharma is doing everything it can to cover up the case of Ryan Mojabi and other similar cases as well.

You probably didn’t know that England confirmed that the dreaded MMR vaccine causes autism. The amount of news the media blocks is incredible – they only talk about news that favor the political elite. There are documents that have been hidden from the public for more than 20 years which show that the MMR vaccine causes autism, and that the heads of pharmaceutical companies and even governments were well aware of it! In fact, once a request for the release of classified documents was granted in England, the British Ministry of Health released documents containing details of the original vaccine approval in 1980. These documents showed that widespread vaccination may cause encephalitis (like in Ryan’s case) and autism, and the document also showed that the manufacturer (Glaxo Smith Kline) was well aware of it!

Worried that the British government was holding this information away from the public, the Freedom of Information Act (FIOA) filed a request for these documents. They did this as there is an increasing number of children that develop brain disorders and autism after getting the vaccine, and the documents show that their concerns were reasonable. “The Ministry of Health paid compensation in many cases where children developed serious disease or autism,” Tina Cheatham, an advisor in the Directorate for Health Services said in a recent interview on CBS News. “The encephalopathy attacks cause autism and autistic behavior in children, as well as other diseases related to autism.”

The health department’s confirmation of the dangers of vaccination is of serious importance to millions of parents who have been wondering whether to vaccinate their child or not. The encephalopathy is a common side-effect of this vaccine, just as the documents released by the British Ministry of Health show. Glaxo Smith Kline and the British government have kept these documents hidden for years, but now they have finally seen the light of day. This means that the government was purposely poisoning our children in order for Big Pharma to profit.

“The Rubella virus is one of the rare known causes of autism,” the CDC wrote on their website under the FAQ field. Dr. July Gerberding, head of the vaccination division in the Merck pharmaceutical company, confirms that the vaccine may cause autism. At least 20% of the autism cases are related to mitochondrial dysfunction, but even with all the evidence, many parents still decide to vaccinate their children.


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