My Mom Always Puts Onions in Freezer! Here’s Why

In the age of information we’re living in, there are an almost infinite number of recipes and food storage ideas which we’re still not aware of. There are many tips that will help you store your food in the kitchen and tricks that will make your life easier. Here’s a nice selection:

Cutting onions

In order to prevent crying when cutting onions, all you need to do is put the vegetable in the freezer 10 minutes before. Nifty trick, isn’t it?

Overflowing water

To prevent water from overflowing from a pot when cooking something, put a wooden spoon on top.

Crispy veggies

To make carrots, celery or radishes crispy, put them in icy water with ½ a potato before cooking them.

Extend the longevity of your wine

If the wine in your kitchen has started turning to vinegar, throw a few raisins in the bottle.

Hardened salt

To prevent your salt from hardening, put a few rice grains in the salt shaker – this will absorb the moisture and keep the salt dry.

Tough dough

If your dough has turned out too tough, pour a glass of cold water and knead it again.

Boiling the perfect eggs

Boil a couple of eggs in water, then add a pinch of baking soda or a bit of lemon juice to make them perfect.

The perfect children treat

Put some Greek yogurt in a pastry syringe, then squeeze small droplets onto a parchment paper and freeze them for an hour. This will give you a nice treat for the youngest ones.

Fresh cheese

To keep your cheese fresh for longer, wrap it in paper.

Storing cheese

Here’s another way of storing cheese – spread some oil or margarine on the surface to keep it fresh for longer. This method works great for hard cheese, but can be used on almost any type.

Strawberry petals

The picture below shows an easy way of removing strawberry tails.

Bananas instead of eggs

When baking sweet dough, replace the eggs with ½ a ripe banana.

Salty soup or stew

If your soup or stew has turned out a tad saltier than it should be, add a few potatoes in and boil them for a while. They will absorb the excess salt and save your meal.

As you can see, there are plenty of tips and tricks that will make storing everything in your kitchen easier. Try them yourself and you’ll be amazed by the results!

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