Marketing Campaign For Future Mothers: Your Baby Is What You Eat.

Brazilian Association for pediatricians Rio Grande launched provocative campaign in which it warns future mothers on the effect from the food they eat and the drinks they drink on their unborn child. They show photos of mothers breastfeeding their children with breasts in form of the unhealthy meals they ate.


“Your baby is what you eat” and “Your baby eats what you eat” are the two slogans of the campaign designated by the Brazilian Agency Paim. The aim is to warn the mothers that they harm their children with the diets and unhealthy meals.


“Your habits during the first days may prevent the development of some diseases in your baby” – the Association states.

The reason for this campaign is a research that showed that unhealthy meals may encourage the development of cancer in children.


However, if a pregnant mother does not have good nutrition, her baby’s immune system is less likely to activate the cancer-fighting gene variant.

The ads, while certainly unsettling, deliver this point rather effectively.

The images also show that a woman’s diet while breastfeeding can have consequences for her child.


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